Last investment announcement of the year

The last investments of the year!

As we are coming to the end of the year, we should say that from the very beginning, it has been a great pleasure to connect with the tech community members from all over the region in our first year. We have met with key ecosystem players, namely, government agencies, venture funds, accelerators, and of course, talented founders. It is exciting to see this exponential growth in terms of technology adoption and implementation of brilliant ideas that could soon be turned into billion-dollar companies in this region.

We are honored to be in the same ecosystem with all of you, and we wish great success to everyone who is doing their best to flourish it.

The last three additions to our portfolio for 2023 are:

CARGON: Freight forwarder platform that makes it easy to connect and ship intercontinental deliveries.

Push30: Corporate benefit provider that gives its members unlimited access to multiple gyms and fitness venues with one single membership.

Money Industries: Partner network solution that enables financial institutions and fintech companies to establish cross-border money transfer and payment relationships with many countries.


Happy New Year!

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