IV Batch Demo Day organized by 500 Global and Bank of Georgia

On 29th June 500 Global IV Batch Demo Day by 500 Global and the Bank of Georgia was jointly organized . The event showcased the best and brightest in emerging start-ups from the Caucasus region. 
Representing Caucasus Ventures at the event, General Partner Mammad Karim was not only in attendance but also took part in a panel discussion. His participation further solidified Caucasus Ventures' commitment to supporting and investing in the best tech startups across the region. With a deep understanding of the investment landscape, he brought a wealth of knowledge and insightful perspective to the table, offering inspiration and guidance to budding entrepreneurs and fellow investors.
The Demo Day featured 12 remarkable start-ups from the Caucasus region. Each company brought something unique to the stage, demonstrating not only the diversity of innovation in the region but also its potential for growth and global impact. These early-stage companies spanned various industries from tech to healthcare, illustrating the breadth of talent and innovative ideas emerging from the region.
As we look forward to future Demo Days, we do so with a renewed sense of optimism and commitment to fostering and championing innovation in the Caucasus region.

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