First Female Founder in Portfolio

We are thrilled to introduce and celebrate the first female founder in our portfolio, Fidan Javadova!

Fidan is a dedicated and hardworking individual who pursued her studies in the UK. Following her education, she gained valuable experience working at several notable companies and tech startups. Driven by her passion for environmental solutions, she launched her own startup specializing in accessible electric vehicle (EV) charging and solar energy solutions. Her innovative venture aims to facilitate the transition from fossil fuels to a net-zero future, making this shift smoother and more inclusive.

Fidan’s achievements have been widely recognized. She has been honored as Entrepreneur of the Year and has earned a place in Shell’s prestigious innovation program in the UK.

We take immense pride in our compatriots who live and work beyond our national borders, representing our community with distinction. We extend our best wishes to Fidan for continued success on her remarkable journey and are delighted to support her endeavors.

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