Exciting Expansion - 3 New Investments in 3 Countries

We are thrilled to announce our recent investments, further expanding our commitment to fostering innovation and supporting visionary founders. In the past month, we've extended our reach to three different countries, backing promising ventures that are set to reshape their respective industries.

Meet our latest investments:

     Tripsome: This innovative marketplace serves as a hub for a wide array of experiences, from immersive cooking sessions in local chefs' homes to uncovering the hidden gems of vibrant cities. Discover new horizons with Tripsome.

     Kikliko: Revolutionizing the art of communication, Kikliko presents a cutting-edge GIF library that not only enhances texting but also provides social media platforms with new monetization opportunities.

     Jobescape: In the ever-evolving world of freelancing, Jobescape is your gateway to harnessing AI effectively in your projects. This EdTech platform equips freelancers with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age.

We extend our heartfelt best wishes to these passionate founders and are excited to embark on this journey with them.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

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