Caucasus Ventures in Baku ID 23

Reflecting on the recently concluded Baku ID 2023, one of the premier tech events of the year, held in Baku,  Azerbaijan. It was an extraordinary confluence of insights, innovations, and stimulating discussions that left all participants enriched.
Caucasus Ventures had the pleasure of participating in panel discussions, immersing ourselves within the local ecosystem and establishing valuable connections with startup founders from various regions. The resonating sentiment from the event is one of hopeful anticipation, engendered by the passionate founders, event coordinators, investors, and individuals from diverse backgrounds uniting to champion the success of Azerbaijan's tech ecosystem.

In collaboration with Startup Wise Guys and White Capital Hills, Caucasus Ventures have pooled together a substantial $300K syndicate fund to reward the standout startups of the event. The triumphant startups were Perkskit, Oxuyan, and Codiplay. Our heartfelt congratulations to all the founders, and a special acknowledgment to Sabah.HUB for presenting this exceptional platform.

Eagerly awaiting the next meet-up, ready to engage in thought-provoking discussions, exchange ideas and foster growth within the sector.

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