Caucasus Ventures at Istanbul

Our recent journey to Istanbul was full of innovation and insights!

From December 13–14, we were immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of the Big Bang Startup Challenge 2023, witnessing 50 inspiring startup pitches spanning eight diverse sectors like energy, automotive, AI, and more. This event solidified Turkey as a key destination for us, reaffirming its immense potential. Thanks, İTÜ Çekirdek for organizing such a great event and letting us be part of it!

Additionally, our participation at the Webrazzi Fintech Event enriched us with valuable insights and innovations in the fintech realm. We believe that events like this play a pivotal role in bringing ecosystem players together for potential partnerships.

Reconnecting with the incredible minds at Money Industries was a pleasure, and we decided to be part of their journey. Our meeting with the team at Colendi highlighted the region's untapped potential in the fintech ecosystem, paving the way for future collaborations to enrich the landscape further. Stay tuned for exciting news!

Although this trip marked the conclusion of our travels this year, it's only the beginning. We wish all the ecosystem members in the region a happy and healthy new year!

Here's to an exciting journey ahead!

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