Azerbaijani-founded maritime technology startup MagicPort

Azerbaijani-founded maritime technology startup MagicPort -, along with 11 other leading shipping and technology companies, has been selected as a new partner in an initiative to increase the sustainability of the coastal ecosystem in Singapore.

This initiative is led by the Kuok Maritime group. The group includes major shipping companies such as PaxOcean, PCL and POSH. The initiative aims to accelerate decarbonisation through electrification of ships and optimization of logistics operations. It brings together like-minded industry players for this purpose. Other partners of the initiative include prominent companies such as Jurong Port, Ken Energy, Columbia Ship Management, RMS, ST Engineering and M1.

MagicPort was founded in 2021 by Ali Gara and Tural Aliyev. 

The signing ceremony formalizing the joining of eleven new members to the initiative was held in the presence of the Minister of Finance and Transport of Singapore, Chee Hong Tat.


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